So, because I will be traveling to Socal to volunteer for Same Same But Different Festival during Michael Liu‘s party: Secret Psychedelica: Libra 2021, we decided to setup an interview with Chris Liu aka No Cliu during another night. It’s a shame I had to miss since I have been able to do interviews for the Secret Psychedelica Zodiac Series for Cancer and Leo. Unfortunately, I’ll also be missing the zodiac party for another PLUR Gathering guest, John Beaver, whose birthday is also this month.

In this episode we meetup with No Cliu before his set and get into his bourgeoning journey which has roots in Japan’s psytrance scene. We follow him back to the United States to Southern California, where he and his lovely wife, Kim (special guest), are based. Piggybacking off of his experience in Japan, he gets involved with the Socal crew Pulsar and subsequently describes how that led to collabs w/ Triceradrops. We also talk about confronting the realities of getting started as a DJ/producer and how No Cliu handles challenges with creativity. No Cliu also shares a wonderful response on PLUR and how it ties back to his personal experiences in Japan.


September 10, 2021
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